FYI, my main account is @rwg -- this account I'm just using for the workshop at

@Fransiska @ggow could you share a screenshot? I think I know what's happening but I am not sure.

@ggow Also, I have heard from @tuan2 yet regarding an experiment to figure out fedi problems. Ready to help when needed.

@ggow Yeah! I heard that. They took the code and rolled their own. It's Gab 2.0

On my own instance-of-one, I last received a federated toot on Sept 3. However, an issue is that my LetsEncrypt cert expired (on the 8th), so maybe that's a factor?

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I just tried following on both my own server and this one.

That account (a bot) posts pretty often; watching to see if it shows up here.

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that is, we expect to see new toots from the federation, but the last one dates back to May 31?

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So the problem you're seeing is that the federated timeline is missing?

@ggow I may be able to help soon. Diana Zulli and I are working on a project mapping the discourses of users, admins, and devs. I'm taking on the latter category, and I've been poring over technical discussions. I think I'm closer to understanding how it all works... 🤔

@ggow I would, actually. I feel like I could explain it before I actually studied it, if you know what I mean. It's more complex than I first thought!

@ggow I think we are federated with, so we might see stuff from that server. But why those particular accounts, I'm not sure. There's a bot among them -- perhaps it crawled over here, and others follow the bot, and they were alerted to this server's existence?

This is all so fascinating to watch!

@ggow from what I understand: muting an instance, which blocks posts from it for people who don't affirmatively follow people on the instance. Blocking cuts of the other instance altogether.

From what I've seen, admins block based on pre-determined criteria (e.g., blocking because an instance's code of conduct is "anything goes!") or based on their users alerting them to problems.

Otherwise, the system seems to favor user-led federation.

I've set up my own Mastodon server at I set it to allow no sign-ups -- I want to run a "server of one" for a bit. But I will look into federating with this one.

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