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The excellent @tilvids has created a nice simple video intro to Mastodon. You might find this useful as a basic explanation of how Mastodon works:



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Okay, I have written a post about Elon banning Mastodon on Twitter:

"Elon’s Commitment To Free Speech Rapidly Replaced By His Commitment To Blatant Hypocrisy: Bans The JoinMastodon Account"


@cira will you be launching any initiatives to help community groups get involved with and ?

Random thoughts while reading Ben Tarnoff’s Internet for the People: first generation Frdiverse modeled on existing social media. Next gen could take online sociality somewhere else. The foundation is ActivityPub. Social ontology is most important. What is it to be social?

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The latest post by @jeffjarvis explores a lot of ideas I've been having about future applications of Mastodon. My goal in the next few weeks is to set up a server for the journalism students I teach so we can collectively explore how media outlets might go about hosting conversations about the local content they produce.


Bluesky is an R&D spin-off from Twitter that is looking into decentralized social networks. They released this report that looks at decentralization protocols:matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/do

WordPress will federate with Mastodon and other social networks using the ActivityPub standard. There are currently a couple of plugins available: wordpress.org/plugins/activity wordpress.org/plugins/pterotyp

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