FYI, my main account is @rwg -- this account I'm just using for the workshop at

On my own instance-of-one, I last received a federated toot on Sept 3. However, an issue is that my LetsEncrypt cert expired (on the 8th), so maybe that's a factor?

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I just tried following on both my own server and this one.

That account (a bot) posts pretty often; watching to see if it shows up here.

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that is, we expect to see new toots from the federation, but the last one dates back to May 31?

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So the problem you're seeing is that the federated timeline is missing?

I've set up my own Mastodon server at I set it to allow no sign-ups -- I want to run a "server of one" for a bit. But I will look into federating with this one.

suggestion for Mastodon testing 

next I might try reporting another user, or blocking them temporarily. I don't often do any of these things on my main Mastodon account (I'm on a very well moderated instance) so I need to experiment with them here.

If you do the same, be sure to toot about it.

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suggestion for Mastodon testing 

hi, all -- I suggest that, as you play around with Mastodon, try out as many features as you can.

So here I've tried the Content Warning. Next I might try a poll.

Mastodon is

I'm currently working on setting up my own Masto instance. Just to get the experience, really. We could also experiment with a simple federation.

So this particular install of Mastodon is interesting -- it looks more like Twitter's interface (and, for that matter, GNU social) than the "Tweet Deck" style I've seen elsewhere. Was that done on purpose?

ualberta masto1

This is an instance of Mastodon at the University of Alberta. We are using this instance mainly for testing, but we welcome those who want to learn more about open source social media.